website2We are the Indiana affiliate of Action for Healthy Kids – a national nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the epidemic of overweight, undernourished and sedentary youth by focusing on changes in schools.

The goal?  Ensure all students are fit, healthy, and ready to learn.

Want to get involved?

websiteBecoming a member of Indiana Action for Healthy Kids will allow you to receive a continuous stream of resources to help you improve the health of your local school’s environment. 


Membership benefits include:

  • The ability to network with other schools around the state to find out best practice methods for improving the health of the school environment.
  • Access to grant monies.
  • Access to hundreds of resources and tools on the Indiana and National Action for Healthy Kids website.
  • Access to other states’ to find out what is being done outside of Indiana. 
  • The ability to network and share tools with educators, parents, administrators, health professionals and kids around the state.
  • Tools necessary to implement ideas to improve the school health environment.
  • Technical assistance with implementing school wellness policies. 

Join the current list of over 400 Hoosiers working to better the lives of our Indiana children!

Click to become a member today!

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